Special Needs Trust MSA Accounts

Protecting Other Public Benefits of MSA Clients

Beneficiaries with dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid require coordinated efforts to comply with the Medicare Secondary Payor Act, while simultaneously protecting the beneficiary’s eligibility for Medicaid, SSI or other government benefits. You must work with a team that understands how beneficiaries can protect their Medicaid, SSI and other government benefits when they have a MSA. One of the ways to protect those public benefits is through a special needs trust. A special needs trust can allow beneficiaries to maintain public benefits, while at the same time creating a fund to pay for additional needed items and treatment not covered by public benefits. If you have questions about how a special needs trust can help your clients, contact MSA Meds today. We can help you protect your clients who need a MSA and are eligible for Medicaid, SSI or other public benefits.

What is a Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust is a specific type of trust that prevents settlement funds from disqualifying an individual from receiving Medicaid, SSI or other public benefits.  A MSA Account is a countable resource and must be situated in a special needs trust to prevent an individual from losing their Medicaid, SSI or other public benefits.  MSA Meds works with special needs trust administration service providers to ensure that our clients protect their future eligibility for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Why Do I Need a Special Needs Trust?

In many instances, a Medicare Set-Aside Allocation (MSA) will be used to protect Medicare’s interests. However, the establishment of the MSA may jeopardize the beneficiary’s other government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and Medicaid.  A MSA Account, in the majority of cases, will exceed the allowable resource limit and disqualify the individual from receiving public benefits.

Why MSA Meds?

MSA Meds has the skill and experience it takes to guide you through all matters related to your MSA Account, including the creation of a special needs trust. Some of the ways that MSA Meds can assist you with a special needs trust include the following:

  • Consultation with a special needs trust provider to ensure that Medicaid, SSI, and other government benefits are protected during the MSA process
  • Coordinated Administration of both a special needs trust and a MSA Account

Contact MSA Meds

MSA Meds is proud to assist clients with questions about protecting their public benefits. We understand that settlement dollars are limited and that protecting public benefits is crucial.  At MSA Meds, we have a strong understanding of the guidelines, rules, and regulations surrounding Medicare and Medicaid and we work hard to maximize all available benefits to help provide the best possible future for our clients. If you have any questions, please contact MSA Meds to learn more about protecting your dual eligibility clients during settlement.