I had a very difficult case, with multiple diagnoses requiring a laundry list of medications.  Defendant's MSA was clearly inadequate and required a second opinion.  Howard and his associates were very gracious in reviewing the MSA, and gave me a second opinion quite a bit higher and more realistic than defendant's MSA.  This helped me to settle the case for a sum sufficient to provide for my client.  I am very grateful to MSA Meds and will use them again in the future.

- Kristin Siemens, Esquire
  Bosquez & Siemens

I am the president of the California Applicants Attorney Association Central Coast Chapter and I have been a Workers' Compensation Attorney for several years now and over time I have come across numerous vendors for various services. There have been a lot of companies who have joined and left our system and MSA Meds has been a constant in our legal field for years now. They are dependable and have been there for all my clients' MSA needs. I have several clients who do not understand how an MSA works and how the funds are supposed to be properly used and I feel comfortable having MSA Meds to help represent and guide them in these complex matters. The people at MSA Meds are also very friendly and helpful and have offered on numerous occasions to review proposed MSA's. MSA Meds also has an in-house attorney who has been practicing in Workers' Compensation law since the 90's and that gives me even more peace of mind knowing that if an issue arises, they can assist and help take care of my clients long after I've settled their cases

- Crystal C. Forsher, Esquire
  Edwin K. Stone Attorney at Law, APC

I have used the services of MSA Meds for several years now and found their services to be extremely valuable in determining the validity of Defendant's MSA.  It should be an indispensable tool for any attorney who represents Applicants.

- Rene H. Pimentel, Esquire
  Law Offices of Rene H. Pimentel

I am a Workers’ Compensation applicants’ attorney in Southern California.  Many of my clients have had their Medicare Set Aside professionally administered by MSA Meds.  I have also asked them to review several MSAs that have been prepared by other MSA vendors.  In all cases, I have found them to be professional and thorough in their work.  They have often identified weaknesses and undervaluation in MSAs prepared by other vendors.  Their work with my clients professionally administering their MSAs has been helpful and timely.  I have never had a client complain about the quality of their work and I have had several clients compliment their helpful attitude and attention to detail.  I have no hesitation recommending MSA Meds for review of MSAs or for professional administration of MSAs for my clients.

- Scott M. Rubel, Esquire
  Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel

AllianceMeds [MSA Meds] has a program where it will administer a Medicare set-aside on behalf of my clients. This has been a significant help to many people I have represented. AllianceMeds [MSA Meds] will pay all medical bills, dispense medication and prepare all the paperwork required by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services. Many of my clients have found this service to be invaluable. It reduces their stress level and allows them to be in full compliance with Medicare regulations.

- Thomas C. Baumann, Esquire
  Abes Baumann

I have been a client of MSA Meds for several years. I found trying to navigate the Medicare set aside system very confusing.  I have found all of the client representatives at MSA Meds to be very knowledgeable, patient and helpful in taking over dealing with my set aside. They are available to talk to in-person to answer any questions.  I would highly recommend investigating MSA Meds as an alternative to trying to navigate a complicated system yourself.

- Janet W.

MSA Meds is great to work with. All of my administration and medication needs are taken care of efficiently and everyone is so helpful and responsive. I know if I ever need anything they’re only a quick phone call away!

- Leah J.

MSA Meds always gets things taken care of! Through the years the service has always been wonderful and I always get everything I need!

- Lovevata S.