Medication Delivery

Post-Settlement Prescription Delivery

MSA Meds is proud to provide post-settlement prescription services for Workers’ Compensation and Liability Medicare Set-Aside Allocations. Our partnership with AllianceMeds allows us to deliver the prescriptions you need on time, right to your doorstep. If you have questions about how MSA Meds and AllianceMeds can work together to help you with any MSA prescription needs, contact us today.

What makes post-settlement prescriptions different?

Most pharmacies do not understand the difference between prescriptions paid by regular insurance and prescriptions paid from a MSA Account. Medicare Set-Aside Accounts have special rules regarding which medications may be filled for a particular injury and what price may be charged. If MSA funds are misspent on medications, Medicare may deny future injury-related benefits. MSA Meds understands Medicare’s rules and ensures that all prescriptions are filled according to Medicare’s guidelines. Our free MSA Account Administration program reviews every medication before it is filled to make sure the medication can be paid from the MSA Account and that only the Medicare-approved price is paid for the medication. MSA Meds ensures that injured individuals receive the treatment they need and at the same time, protect their future Medicare eligibility.

Why should you use MSA Meds for your Medication Delivery?

MSA Meds is uniquely qualified to fill your MSA medications because we combine expertise in MSA Account administration and MSA prescription fulfillment. Additionally, we have a pharmacy devoted to helping injured people with extensive knowledge of the legal aspects of Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury cases. The MSA Meds pharmacy, AllianceMeds, is a licensed pharmacy managed by a pharmacist experienced in helping the injured and staffed with experts in MSA prescription fulfillment. Our pharmacy delivers medications throughout the country with no delivery charges. One of the greatest benefits of enrolling in MSA Meds is that you will also be automatically enrolled in AllianceMeds to streamline your medication delivery process.

Benefits of a MSA Meds/AllianceMeds Partnership

When you enroll in the MSA Meds Professional Administration Program, you are automatically enrolled in AllianceMeds. This partnership is committed to ensuring you:

  • Receive medications on time in easy-open or childproof packaging
  • No delivery fees
  • Never miss a medication because of our refill management program
  • Do not have to determine which medications are allowed by your MSA Account
  • Do not need to research and haggle with a local pharmacy to make sure they are only charging you the Medicare-approved MSA price for your medications
  • Do not need to keep receipts from all your prescriptions and provide an annual report to Medicare, because we do that for you
  • Receive our MSA Professional Administration services free-of-charge
  • Have peace of mind, knowing that the funds in your MSA Account will be properly spent and you will not have to worry about losing your future Medicare benefits.

MSA Medication Delivery Service – Contact Us Today!

MSA Meds has a team of MSA experts who understand Medicare coverage issues and will only fill covered medications. We also know exactly what the MSA allowable charge is for each of your medications and we will never charge you more. When you combine our MSA knowledge and experience with our post-settlement pharmacy services, you can feel confident knowing that all prescriptions we fill will comply with the CMS rules that govern Medicare Set-Aside Accounts. By having MSA Meds Professionally Administer your MSA Account, you will never risk jeopardizing your future Medicare benefits due to mismanagement of your MSA Account. For more information, or to learn more about our Professional MSA Administration program and post-settlement pharmacy services, contact us today!