Free Professional Administration of Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Accounts

Being injured in an accident is devastating and can have lasting effects on injured individuals and their families. Dealing with Insurance Carriers is often stressful, as you hope that your settlement will give you control of your future medical treatment. However, if you have to open a Medicare Set-Aside, you must follow certain rules regarding how the money for your future medical treatment is spent. At MSA Meds, we understand that this process can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to help! We will take all the hassles out of paying for medical treatment from your MSA Account. Because MSA Accounts have very specific rules as to how these funds can be spent, you must have trustworthy advocates on your side to ensure you do not make a mistake. MSA Meds can work to protect your future Medicare eligibility and help you receive the medical treatment you need. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.

What is a Medicare Set-Aside Allocation (MSA)?

A MSA is a tool that is used to protect Medicare’s interests with regard to a Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury settlement. Click here to learn more.

Why do I need Professional Administration for my MSA Account?

Medicare has very complicated rules regarding how the funds in a MSA Account may be spent. Failure to abide by these rules may jeopardize your future Medicare benefits. Click here to learn more.

Why should I choose MSA Meds?

MSA Meds professionally administers MSA Accounts. We understand all of Medicare’s rules and regulations and will administer your MSA Account to ensure that when the funds are depleted, Medicare will pay the bills for your work injury. We will provide you with a benefits card to present to your doctors so that they know how to bill your MSA Account, providing for a hassle-free transition from the Insurance Carrier paying your medical bills to your MSA account paying your medical bills. We will ensure that all funds are properly spent and that all reports and accounts are promptly submitted to Medicare. Medicare understands how difficult it can be for injured workers to properly administer their MSA Accounts, which is why we recommend professional administration.

Unlike other companies that may charge thousands of dollars to administer MSA Accounts, MSA Meds is a free service for our eligible pharmacy clients. Click here to learn more about our pharmacy and medication delivery services.

Why is Medicare involved in my settlement?

Medicare’s interests must be protected in all Workers’ Compensation, Liability, and no-fault insurance cases. The law states that Medicare is always a secondary payor to Workers’ Compensation, Liability, and no-fault insurances. This means that Medicare may not pay bills when other insurance should be paying the bills. Since you received settlement dollars from the primary payor (Insurance Company), Medicare requires you to spend that money on your injury-related care before they will pay your medical bills. Protecting Medicare’s interests is a multi-step process. The illustration below shows how Medicare’s interests must be protected at each stage of your case.

The Steps to Medicare Compliance

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  • Reporting

    After your injury the Insurance Carrier is required to report your injuries to Medicare. Medicare then monitors your injury to ensure that they do not pay bills the Insurance Carrier should have paid.

  • Lien Resolution

    Medicare must be reimbursed for any bills they paid that should have been paid by the Insurance Carrier.

  • MSA Allocations

    A MSA is a lifetime cost projection of your future injury related care. Funds from your settlement must then be set aside in a MSA Account to pay for future medical care.

  • MSA Funding

    The MSA Account must be funded by a Lump Sum or a Structured Settlment and may sometimes require a Special Needs Trust.

  • MSA Administration

    Bills are paid from the MSA Account according to Medicare's guidelines. All record keeping and accounting requirements are met.

  • Medicare will pay bills for injury related care after the MSA funds are properly spent!


MSA Meds can help you and your attorney comply with all of Medicare’s rules so that your Medicare benefits are never jeopardized!

What are the Penalties for not following Medicare’s Rules?

If Medicare’s rules regarding MSAs are not followed, Medicare will not pay bills for injury-related care when MSA funds are all spent. Instead, you will be required to pay for medical treatment out-of-pocket and provide receipts to Medicare showing that you properly spent the amount required by the MSA.  There is a process to appeal Medicare’s denial of payment, however, the process is lengthy and complicated. Click here to learn more about the Medicare Appeals Process. That is why it is better to follow Medicare’s rules from the outset!

MSA Meds Advocates for Injured Workers!

We do not receive referrals from Insurance Carriers. Our only allegiance is to help injured workers maximize their settlement dollars and receive the future medical treatment they need. We will even review the MSA report prepared by the Insurance Carrier’s Vendor and tell you if the treatment is underpriced or undervalued. If the Insurance Carrier is pushing you to use their administration company, ask yourself why? Has the Insurance Carrier ever done anything for your benefit? Or might they have a hidden agenda that benefits the Insurance Carrier? With MSA Meds, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a team of professionals on your side, working hard to protect your future!

Contact MSA Meds

If you have been seriously injured in a workplace accident, you may be required to open a MSA Account. It is important to have a team of professionals on your side who understands Medicare’s rules and regulations and will protect your future eligibility for Medicare. MSA Meds does not represent Insurance Carriers! Our only allegiance is only to injured workers and their families. To speak with our experienced team of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals, contact MSA Meds today!