How Our Service Works

MSA-meds keeps patients and their physicians in compliance with Medicare Set-aside Account (MSA) billing and treatment rules and procedures. Our team of experienced MSA experts makes treating and billing your post-settlement patients easy, and enables you to be paid quickly and at higher-than-Medicare rates.


Our administration of patients’ MSA Accounts provides these clear benefits to physicians and medical practices:

  • Seamless retention of your injury patients;
  • A clear and simple billing process that requires only submission of a CMS 1500 form and medical report;
  • Timely payments, with no waiting for insurance or Medicare reimbursement;
  • No bureaucratic hoops to jump through;
  • A fee structure that is the same or comparable to what you were paid pre-settlement;
  • Pre-authorization of treatment is provided with clear disclosure of allowable charges;
  • Easy answers to whether medications, tests, procedures, equipment and supplies that you recommend are covered and can be paid from the MSA Account; and 
  • No charge to the doctor or the patient for MSA administration. MSA-meds provides Medicare Set-aside Account administration as a free service to pharmacy customers of Alliance Medication Services, LLC. (AllianceMeds). All prescriptions must be filled through AllianceMeds, a national mail order pharmacy for the injured.


How Our Service Works

Once patients enroll in MSA-meds Professional Administration Program, we:

  1. Review all the documentation from Medicare and CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to determine covered and non- covered expenses, as well as approved fees and costs.
  2. Notify you of the allowed fees for your services -- which often approximate your pre-settlement charges and are almost always significantly more than the Medicare reimbursement rate.
  3. Walk your billing office through our easy procedures and set your office up in our system to promptly receive payments.

To Have Treatment Pre-Approved - Call us toll free at 1-855-MSA-meds and we will verify if treatment is an allowable MSA expenditure before you treat your patient.

To Submit Bills For Payment – Simply mail CMS Form 1500 and a copy of the Medical Report to: P.O. Box 190, Barnesville, PA 18214.

To Prescribe Medications for Your Patient - Pursuant to the professional administration agreement, all medications must be filled through Alliance Medication Services, LLC.

AllianceMeds is a national mail order pharmacy and will overnight your patients’ medications directly to their homes. 90 day supplies of all maintenance medications are requested.

You can submit prescriptions one of four ways*:

    1. Fax your patients’ prescriptions to 570-668-8825
    2. E-prescribe to AllianceMeds through Surecripts (NCPDP# 3997319)
    3. Mail original prescriptions to P.O. Box 222, Barnesville, PA 18214
    4. Phone prescriptions directly to our Pharmacist at 866-929-8590

*For Class II Narcotics, AllianceMeds must receive the original prescription in the mail before filling the medication. For emergency situations please call 866-929-8500 for details on how to immediately procure an emergency supply.

Contact Us

If you have questions about MSAs, our professional MSA Account Administration Program, or our pharmacy services, please call us:

Toll Free: 1-855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337)
Hours: Monday thru Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST