How Our Service Works

Prescriptions and Peace of Mind Delivered to Your Door

MSA-meds is a national professional Medicare Set-aside Administrator that specializes in simplifying the MSA process for our clients. Our MSA administration service handles all record keeping and reporting requirements and protects your future injury-related Medicare benefits. Through our pharmacy, AllianceMeds, we also deliver all medications to your home on time and manage refills with your doctor.

If you are confused or overwhelmed by all the Medicare requirements for Medicare Set-aside Accounts, MSA-meds can help. We provide MSA administration services to our clients AT NO CHARGE. Normal MSA administration companies charge thousands of dollars for the services that we provide to our clients FOR FREE.

How Our FREE MSA Administration Service Works:

  • You enroll by calling us or completing our online enrollment form.
  • Our MSA experts review your MSA settlement documents and CMS Determination letter so that we know exactly what is required to keep you in compliance with all the Medicare regulations for your account.
  • We fill your prescriptions, charging only the MSA-approved price.
  • We ship or overnight your medications directly to your home with NO SHIPPING OR DELIVERLY FEES.
  • We contact your doctor if any of your prescriptions are not covered by Medicare and find an alternate solution.
  • We stay on top of all your prescription renewals so that you never run out of your medications.
  • We handle the administration, accounting and yearly reporting for your MSA Account – at no charge – including:
    • Putting your MSA funds in a Medicare-approved interest bearing account in accordance with Medicare Set-aside requirements;
    • Reviewing all medical bills from your doctors and other vendors, and negotiating fees on your behalf if necessary;
    • Paying only the approved charges for all medical expenses;
    • Keeping all necessary records and receipts as required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); and
    • Reporting to CMS as required to keep you in compliance with Medicare Set-aside Account rules.

In short, we will ensure you comply with all of Medicare’s requirements for properly spending funds from your MSA Account so that you will be entitled to Medicare benefits for your injury once the funds are gone. That is why we are your Partner for Post Settlement Peace of Mind

Still not convinced? Please visit What An Injured Person Needs to Know About MSA Accounts . . . and see if you are aware of --and following --all the rules and regulations that govern Medicare Set-aside Accounts. Or take our Quick Medicare Set-aside Quiz to test your knowledge of Medicare Set-asides.

Why Do You Need MSA-meds?

MSA Accounts have very specific regulations about MSA spending, record keeping and reporting. If MSA funds are properly spent and you need more treatment, Medicare will pay bills for the injury. However, if the MSA funds are not properly spent, then Medicare can deny payment of bills for your injury until your MSA Account is brought into compliance. MSA-meds provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your future Medicare benefits are not in jeopardy because we handle all the details of MSA compliance.

Administering MSA set-aside Accounts is a free service we offer our eligible pharmacy clients. We charge absolutely no fees for administering your MSA Account.

To learn more about how to get help managing your MSA Account, call us today. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

1-855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337)