Patient Retention and Continued Revenue

MSA-meds provides professional Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Account administration that enables physicians to retain their injury patients post-settlement, and receive payment for their services quickly and easily.

By providing Medicare Set-aside Account administration at no charge, MSA-meds ensures a seamless post-settlement transition that facilitates continued medical services for injury patients, and uninterrupted payments for their physicians.

MSA Accounts

Once a workers’ compensation or other liability injury case has settled, patients may be required to open a Medicare Set-aside (MSA) Account and pay only approved injury-related medical expenses from that account. Many doctors inadvertently bill post-settlement treatment at their usual and customary rates which will cause their patients to misspend the funds in their MSA Account, jeopardizing their patients’ future rights to Medicare benefits.

MSA-meds offers administrative services for Medicare Set-aside Accounts –at no charge–which facilitate a continued relationship between doctor and patient while assuring physicians fair and timely compensation at the same or close to pre-settlement fees.

Our team of MSA experts makes it easy for physicians to retain their injury patients, maintain an important revenue stream, generate fees at rates that are typically significantly higher than Medicare reimbursements, and receive payment quickly and easily while also ensuring that patients receive MSA-compliant continued medical care from their known and trusted doctors. Click to learn How Our Service Works.

The Benefits of Referring Your Clients to MSA-Meds

MSA-meds ensures that your patients comply with the complicated Medicare requirements for MSA Accounts so your patients’ future injury-related Medicare eligibility is not jeopardized. Although great care may have been taken to determine medical costs for the lifetime of the injury, MSA funds often run out and patients must depend on Medicare to pay their future bills. MSA-meds handles the details of MSA Accounts to protect patients and assure them of future Medicare coverage should they need additional assistance.

Our professional MSA Account administration is offered at no charge as a value-added service to clients of our pharmacy, which specializes in post-settlement and MSA-compliant prescription fulfillment to patients throughout the country. Other professional administration companies may charge up to several thousand dollars per year to manage MSA Accounts.

To learn more about our professional MSA Account Administration, our post-settlement pharmacy services, or how to refer a patient to MSA-meds, please call us today for more information. 1-855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337)