About Our Pharmacy

MSA-meds is a program of Alliance Medication Services, LLC, offering expertise in administering MSA Medicare Set-aside Accounts and providing post-settlement prescription services. This unique combination offers significant benefits to both physicians and their patients.

Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alliance Medication Services, LLC is a federally-licensed mail order pharmacy delivering medications to workers’ compensation patients throughout the United States. With AllianceMeds (www.AllianceMeds.com), your patients will always receive their medications on time, even if their cases are in litigation or the insurance carrier denies payment of their bills.

AllianceMeds was founded in 2008 to serve the prescription needs of injured workers, during all stages of the case, including litigation, settlement negotiations, mediation, and even post-settlement. Most pharmacies do not understand the difference between regular prescriptions and prescriptions paid from a MSA Account, but MSA-meds specializes in this area, charging only the MSA-approved pricing for all prescriptions.

In addition to prescription fulfillment services, we offer our pharmacy clients free administration assistance with their Medicare Set-aside (MSA) Accounts. Once our patients’ cases settled, so many of our clients needed help with the onerous rules, regulations, record keeping and reporting requirements of their Medicare Set-aside Accounts that we formed a special division – called MSA-meds – to offer free MSA Account administration services to our pharmacy clients. Our administration services are designed to keep patients in compliance with Medicare Set-aside requirements so that their future Medicare benefits are not jeopardized. Because of our expertise with Medicare Set-aside Accounts, we know the CMS-approved price allocated for each drug and never put a patient’s account at risk by charging more than the amounts approved for that patient.

We do not charge for MSA administration; we offer it as a value-added service to AllianceMeds’ pharmacy clients.

Important MSA Information and Restrictions for Physicians
Doctors dealing with MSA patients need to know that not all medications are covered for all injuries. Medicare has very specific rules regarding which medications are covered for a particular injury -- and paying for non-covered medications from the MSA Account can jeopardize future Medicare eligibility for injury-related benefits. However, with MSA-meds as the gatekeeper, if you prescribe a non-covered medication for your patient, we will work with you to find an approved alternative. Pharmacies without MSA Account expertise may fill and bill non-approved medications, which will jeopardize your patients’ future Medicare eligibility.

We accept prescriptions by mail, email (e-prescribing) or by fax from a doctor's office for all unclassified meds or Class 3, 4 or 5 medications. We require hard copy prescriptions for all Class 2 drugs, and have the capability of shipping Class 2 narcotics throughout the country using special high-security packaging and shipping methods. Because we are not restricted by insurance company regulations, we can fulfill 1-month, 3-month or 6-month prescription orders depending on the Drug Class and Pharmacy regulations.

Managing Pharmacist
Our pharmacist manager, has more than 32 years of experience as a pharmacist, and understands the special needs of workers’ comp injuries and other personal injury cases. He is a member of the American Pharmacy Association and the Pennsylvania Pharmacy Association.

When you refer your patient to MSA-meds, your patients receive a pharmacy specializing in providing medications exclusively to injury patients and a Professional Administration company to ensure they will not jeopardize their future Medicare eligibility.

That’s why we say we deliver Prescriptions Today and Peace of Mind Tomorrow.

To learn more about our pharmacy or MSA Account administrative services – or to refer a patient to us today – please call us at
1-855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337)
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