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Experts in Post-Settlement Prescriptions

MSA-meds specializes in post-settlement prescription services for Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-aside Allocations (WCMSA) and Liability Medicare Set-aside Allocations (LMSA).

MSA meds is uniquely qualified to fill your MSA medications because we combine:

  • Expertise in MSA Account administration and MSA prescription fulfillment
  • A pharmacy devoted to helping injured people
  • Knowledge of the legal aspects of workers’ compensation and personal injury cases

Located outside of Philadelphia, PA, the MSA-meds pharmacy, Alliance Medication Services, LLC ( is a licensed pharmacy managed by a pharmacist with 32 years of experience and staffed with experts in MSA prescription fulfillment. Our pharmacy delivers medications throughout the country with no delivery charges.

Most pharmacies do not understand the difference between regular prescriptions and post-settlement injury prescriptions or the special requirements of Medicare Set-aside Accounts. If they charge you more than the MSA-allowed price for your medications, or sell you a non-covered medication for your injury, it could put you in danger of losing your future Medicare coverage for injury related expenses. What makes our pharmacy unique is that in addition to our prescription services, we understand all the requirements of MSA Accounts and offer FREE MSA Account Administration to our pharmacy clients.

MSA Expertise
MSA-meds is staffed by MSA experts who understand the complications of post-settlement Medicare Set-aside pricing, and know exactly what the MSA allowable charge is for each of your medications. MSA-meds will never charge you more than the allowable charge. When you combine our MSA knowledge and experience with our post-settlement pharmacy services, you gain the assurance that all prescriptions filled by MSA-meds will be in compliance with CMS rules governing Medicare Set-aside Accounts. By having MSA-meds professionally administer your MSA Account you will never risk jeopardizing your future Medicare benefits due to mismanagement of your MSA Account. That is why we are your Partner for Post Settlement Peace of Mind!

When You Enroll In MSA-meds Professional Administration Program you are automatically enrolled in AllianceMeds, and:
We . . .

  • Review your MSA and CMS approval documents and verify that all medications are approved for your injury and qualify as Medicare-covered expenses.
  • Charge you only the medication pricing approved for your MSA.
  • Provide FREE DELIVERY of medications.
  • Manage your prescriptions by requesting refills from your doctor 7 to 10 days before your medications are scheduled to run out.
  • Fulfill 1-month, 3-month or 6-month prescription orders.
  • Provide easy-open, childproof or blister packaging for all drugs.
  • Routinely ship Class 2 narcotics-- using special packaging and UPS high-security shipping and tracking.
  • Accept prescriptions by: fax, mail, or e-prescribing for all Class 3, 4 or 5 medications or non-class medications. (Class 2 drugs always require a hard copy of the prescription).


  • Receive your medications on time.
  • Do not have to determine which medications are allowed by your MSA Account.
  • Do not need to research and haggle with your local pharmacy to make sure they are only charging you the Medicare approved MSA price for your medications.
  • Do not need to keep receipts from all your prescriptions and try to create a report acceptable to Medicare at the end of each year, because we do that for you.
  • Receive our MSA professional administration services free-of-charge!
  • Have peace of mind, knowing that the funds in your MSA Account will be properly spent and you will not have to worry about losing future Medicare benefits.
MSA-meds’ clients get the best of both worlds:
You receive the highest quality MSA administration services and a
 post-settlement prescription pharmacy devoted to the injured.

Did You Know That:

  • Medicare only accepts a certain price for every medical procedure and prescription medication? If you overpay, Medicare will require you to put the amount of the overpayment back into the MSA Account and re-spend it properly?
  • MSA funds may not be used to buy any medications that are not covered by Medicare?
  • You have a yearly accounting requirement to report all MSA expenses to Medicare?
  • If you do not properly spend the funds in your MSA Account, Medicare will not pay bills for your injury after the funds are depleted?


For more information, or to learn more about our professional MSA Administration program and post-settlement pharmacy services, call us today or fill out this easy enrollment form now.
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