Fact: When you have a Medicare Set-aside Account (MSA), you must pay for medications and  medical services according to the pricing method approved in the CMS Determination Letter. If you pay more than the approved price for doctor’s visits or medications, Medicare will require you to put the amount you paid over the approved price back into your MSA account and re-spend it . . . or you could jeopardize your future entitlement to Medicare benefits!

We are a professional administration service that manages all aspects of our clients’ MSA Accounts – for free- as long as they fill their medications through our pharmacy.

By enrolling with MSA meds . . . you protect your future Medicare eligibility.

Delivering Post-Settlement Medications and Peace of Mind:

MSA-meds Professionally Administers Your Medicare Set-aside Account
and Fulfills All Of Your Prescription Needs
MSA-meds specializes in post-settlement medication services for injured people. We are a professional MSA Account administrator and mail-order pharmacy that alleviates the problems and challenges associated with Medicare Set-aside Allocation (MSA) Accounts. By handling all of the Medicare reporting and compliance issues, we protect our clients’ future Medicare benefits and deliver peace of mind. 

Our MSA Services for workers’ compensation and other personal injury settlements include FREE administration of all the details of your MSA Account including:
  • Careful review of all your medical bills, including negotiating with your doctors and other medical providers to ensure that they are billing you only the MSA-approved price;
  • Detailed record keeping for all expenditures of MSA funds to keep you in compliance with all Medicare Set-aside requirements;
  • Fulfillment of all reporting requirements and timely submission of annual reports to Medicare;
  • Access to account status, prescription status, and all expenditures by date, line item, payee and payment method; and 
  • Fulfillment of all post-settlement prescription needs: 
    • Refill management to ensure you never run out of any medications. 
    • FREE shipping to your home anywhere in the U.S. 
    • Charging only the Medicare-approved price for all your medications.

FREE MSA Administration
While some companies may charge thousands of dollars a year to administer MSA Accounts, MSA-meds provides all MSA administration services as a FREE benefit to our post-settlement pharmacy customers. Call us today to learn more about our Medicare Set-aside Professional Administration services.
855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337)