Benefits to Your Clients

The primary benefit to your clients in choosing MSA-meds as their professional MSA administrator and their post-settlement prescription service is that MSA-meds will ensure that their MSA Accounts  maintain compliance with CMS requirements and avoid jeopardizing future injury-related Medicare benefits.

Additional benefits to your clients include:

  • Review of all MSA and settlement documents by experienced MSA experts;
  • Establishment of your client’s MSA bank account in accordance with CMS guidelines;
  • Negotiation of pricing contracts with all medical providers to ensure that only MSA- approved prices are paid for all medical treatments;
  • Verification that all medical bills are for services related to the injury and covered by Medicare;
  • Payment of all properly submitted and documented medical bills;
  • Documentation of MSA Account activity provided to your clients;
  • Maintenance of all expenditure records and receipts;
  • Submission of Annual Accounting to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services); and
  • Safeguarding of all records, including advanced disaster offsite backup of all files and copied documents.

The MSA-meds Professional Administration Program is a free service for patients of Alliance Medication Services, LLC. AllianceMeds is a national mail order pharmacy that provides FDA approved medications to injured workers and patients with Medicare Set-aside Accounts.

AllianceMeds Pharmacy services include:

  • Licensed pharmacists who can answer your client's medication and drug-interaction related questions;
  • Nationwide home delivery of all FDA-approved medications using secure packaging;
  • No delivery or shipping fees, even for emergency or overnight deliveries of medications; and
  • Prescription Management with your client’s doctor, which ensures that your client’s medications will never run out.
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. ET and toll free numbers to contact us:
    Direct to Pharmacy 866-929-8590
    Customer Service 866-929-8500

When you refer your injury clients to MSA-meds, all of their post-settlement prescription needs and their MSA administration needs are professionally managed by our team of MSA experts.

MSA-meds professional administration services are provided at no charge to AllianceMeds’ pharmacy clients. By combining both of these valuable services, we can provide clients with prescriptions today and peace of mind tomorrow.

To refer a client to MSA-meds for professional MSA administration, call us today. 855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337).