The Benefits to Lawyers and Injury Law Practices of Referring Clients to MSA-meds

MSA-meds makes Professional Administration possible for even the small cases!

Are you convinced that your clients need help to administer their MSA Accounts, but are worried that many of their settlements are too small to hire a professional administration company? While professional administration costs may be prohibitive in many cases, MSA-meds offers professional administration of MSA Accounts-- as a free service for our eligible pharmacy customers.

MSA-meds professional MSA administration services offer a number of Benefits to Your Clients to ensure that they continue to receive the treatment they need without misspending the funds in their MSA Account and jeopardizing their future entitlement to Medicare benefits.

Referring your clients to MSA-meds also helps your legal practice by giving you:

  • Assurance that all funds in your clients’ MSA Accounts will be properly spent according to Medicare coverage rules;
  • Confidence that your client is paying only the MSA-approved price for all medical services and medications;
  • Knowledge that your client does not have to try and keep receipts and prepare an annual accounting;
  • Prevention of calls from disgruntled clients who misspent their MSA funds and now want you to help them regain their Medicare eligibility;
  • Guidance from MSA professionals who will answer your questions about Medicare’s rules and regulations; and
  • Peace-of-mind that you did everything possible to ensure that your clients' MSA Account will always be in compliance with Medicare’s rules.

Our team of MSA experts will handle all the details of your clients' MSA Accounts including overseeing all expenditures in accordance with the approved Set-aside allocation, maintaining all required records, and fulfilling the mandated annual reporting requirement to CMS. Your clients will never have to worry about MSA compliance issues, and their future eligibility for Medicare benefits will be protected.

Please feel free to call us for more information about MSA-meds' Professional Medicare Set-aside Account administration. 855-MSA-MEDS (855-672-6337)