Protection for Your Medicare Set-aside Clients

MSA-meds is a professional Medicare Set-aside Account administrator that manages the record keeping and reporting requirements for injured clients to ensure compliance with CMS guidelines in order to maintain future eligibility for injury-related Medicare benefits.

Post-Settlement MSA Account Administration

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has set forth a series of guidelines governing how funds in Medicare Set-aside Accounts must be expended. If the MSA funds are not properly expended, Medicare may deny future coverage for injury related care.

CMS guidelines for spending MSA funds for prescriptions and other medical expenses are extremely specific and quite onerous. For example, your clients must:

  • pay only for medical bills incurred for the exact injury that is the subject of the workers' compensation or liability case;
  • submit a yearly accounting of all expenditures from their MSA Account to Medicare, including receipts;
  • determine which medications are Medicare-covered expenses, and contact their doctor to find an appropriate substitution, if the medication is not a covered by Medicare; and
  • find a pharmacy willing to accept payment based on the pricing method selected in the MSA documents and approved by Medicare.

Maintaining compliance with these and numerous other regulations for MSA Accounts is overwhelming to most clients (see our Medicare Set-aside Quiz); however failure to follow every guideline can jeopardize their future Medicare eligibility for injury related care.

MSA Expertise

MSA-meds is a post-settlement injury pharmacy and professional MSA-administration service that specializes in managing the detailed requirements for workers’ compensation and liability MSA compliance. While most MSA administration services charge thousands of dollars to manage Medicare Set-asides, we include MSA Account administration -- for eligible cases -- as a free service for our pharmacy customers.

The MSA-meds team has an extensive background in the legal aspects of injuries and MSA rules and regulations. Our professional MSA administration staff includes an in-house attorney and paralegals with years of experience fighting for the rights of the injured. Our expertise includes all aspects of Medicare Set-aside Accounts including how to determine if a medical service or medication is covered for a particular injury, the CMS-approved price for each covered expense, and the record keeping and reporting requirements for keeping the MSA Account in compliance. MSA-meds provides assurance that your clients' future Medicare entitlements will not be jeopardized because of misuse of the MSA funds.

MSA Consultation

In addition to professional MSA administration services, we also offer free MSA Account consultations to attorneys and injury law firms about protecting Medicare’s interests during the settlement process.