About MSA-meds

MSA-meds is uniquely qualified to fill your MSA medications by combining:
  • A Pharmacy devoted to helping the injured;
  • Knowledge of all the legal aspects of Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Social Security Cases; and
  • Expertise in all stages of the MSA process including submission of MSA proposals and negotiation of COBC lien issues.

Unlike other pharmacies, MSA-meds has specialized knowledge and experience regarding the legal aspects of an MSA. We have an in-house Attorney who began representing injured workers in 1997, writing MSA proposals for her client’s in 2003, and became a Medicare Set-aside Consultant Certified (MSCC) in 2006. We also have a staff of paralegals that also have years of experience helping the injured in workers’ compensation, personal injury and social security cases.

We understand all aspects of an MSA including what services and medications are covered by Medicare, how to determine if a medical service or medication is related to the injury subject to the MSA and how to price medical bills according to MSA pricing methods.

When you add our knowledge and experience to a pharmacy, you recieve the assurance that all prescriptions filled by MSA-meds and charged to the MSA account are for Medicare covered expenses and billed according to Medicare approved prices. MSA-meds provides prescriptions today, with the peace of mind that entitlement to Medicare benefits will not be jeopardized in the future.